Gert Hildebrand: Mini Design

Gert Hildebrand: Mini Design


It is rare to get insights on the work that is done behind the walls of design departments of car manufacturers. With the editorial support of German design Professor Othmar Wickenheiser, Gert Hildebrand has created a book that shows the exciting design process of an automotive icon, carefully taking and re-interpreting the design ingredients of Sir Alec Issigonis’ original design. Reading through the former Mini design director’s extraordinary book about the development of BMW’s Mini takes any outsider closer through the design process than any book has ever done before on contemporary automotive design. The amount of sketches, explanations and in-depth interviews shows all facets of the design process of an automobile today. As Gert Hildebrand mentions: “Designing is a painful process”. On more than 400 pages the reader gets to know the faces behind the mostly so closed windows of a design studio, and the thoughts of the people involved in the design process. Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW Group’s design director and many other professionals from the industry enrich the book with their personal view on design processes and the interaction with non-design related parts of the business.
The sophisticated explanations about design, the sheer unbelievable amount of sketches and photos plus the high-end quality of printing with many transparent inlays and playful graphics make this book a ‘must have’ amongst anybody interested in car design, and not only Mini enthusiasts!

MiniDesign1_03 MiniDesign1_07I have the honor to be featured in Gert Hildebrand’s book Mini Design on two pages. One sketch features my idea of an electrical powered mini roadster in the year of Mini’s 100th anniversary, the other sketch is a charcoal illustration of one of the Mini concepts combined with Mini’s historical achievements in rally sports.

MiniDesign1_09MiniDesign1_05MiniDesign1_08 MiniDesign1_11 MiniDesign1_00

Motorbuch Verlag, 2009
ISBN: 9783613031234

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