A.J.Holsheimer: Porsche 964 reflections

A.J.Holsheimer: Porsche 964 reflections


Capturing the simple shape of a 911 in a sketch seems easy, but the iconically modeled bodywork with almost no defined edges creates some extremely exciting reflections, probably the secret of the 911′s (and also 356′s) beauty. Modeling a shape like the Porsche, which looks good from all angles, small and also accommodating a powerful engine, two adults and luggage is simply craftmanship in a league of it’s own!
My father Albertus Holsheimer has captured the reflections of another Porsche (a white 968 CS) in the side of the black 911/964 in this acrylic painting.
I remember that moment like it was yesterday. It was at Lufthansa Klassikertage in Hattersheim back in 1993, where Porsche had a sponsor stand with the latest models. Albertus painted and exaggerated the contrast using acrylics on cardboard. The painting is very colorful, even though they are black and white cars! The size of the painting (90x70cm) gives the feel of standing directly in front of the car. You almost miss your own reflection when focusing in on these reflections! The beauty of this hard, colorful technique is that there are only sharp areas and no distance blur, also in the reflections in the paint. You get it all sharp at the same time, that’s exactly what makes this painting style so unique and fascinating to look at.

HolsheimerAJ_Porsche-964_Hattersheim_detail1HolsheimerAJ_Porsche-964_Hattersheim_detail2HolsheimerAJ_Porsche-964_Hattersheim_wallPorsche 911 / 964, acrylic paint on cardboard, 90x70cm, A.J.Holsheimer 1994.

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