Retromobile Paris 2014 - tres vivant!

Retromobile Paris 2014 – tres vivant!

A walk on Retromobile feels like an excursion on a busy flea market filled with the most desirable objects at every possible corner and booth, at least if you are a car enthusiast. It is a concentration of car passion squeezed into one hall, with one piece rarer than the other. It is also a walk of discovery. You can walk along one row three times and still discover new stuff, or, like us, got lost between the many auctions, art booths, automobilia stands and book shelves.
The amount of automotive art at Retromobile is incredible, it gives a great overview about the different styles of automotive art and you get to talk to the artists.
On some stands you discover nice sculptures and posters, however the amount of original posters in perfect condition is so high, that I get sceptical about the originality.
Apart from the buzz about the big auctions there are also many great dealer stands with fantastic offerings and exhibitions. Two to highlight are the exhibition of Maharaja vehicles with some famous and well known Rolls Royces that I have been drawing in commission some years ago and a huge collection of Alpines by Jean Rédélé.

1920 Sunbeam Manitou Record Car:
RetroMobile-2014_01One of the nice Bugattis at Auto Classique Touraine:RetroMobile-2014_021925 Alfa Romeo RL SS:RetroMobile-2014_031956 Aston Martin DBR3S/9 at Lukas Hüni:RetroMobile-2014_04Bristol 401 restoration by Touring:RetroMobile-2014_051928 Bugatti 35 with Patina at Lukas Hüni:RetroMobile-2014_06Bucciali TAV30 Saoutchik recreation:RetroMobile-2014_071930 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Maharaja Ghulab Singh de Rewa:RetroMobile-2014_08Another Maharaja Rolls-Royce:RetroMobile-2014_091937 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Torpedo Roadster Figoni et Falaschi:RetroMobile-2014_10Les Alpine de Jean Rédéle:RetroMobile-2014_11Artists ‘village’RetroMobile-2014_12The art of Paul Smith:RetroMobile-2014_13The art of Stanley Rose:RetroMobile-2014_14The art of Hendrik Müller:RetroMobile-2014_15Beautiful sculpture by E. Zurini from 2001:RetroMobile-2014_16Another great sculpture:RetroMobile-2014_17Car parts and signs:RetroMobile-2014_18Oil cans of all sorts:RetroMobile-2014_19Desirable Porsche collectables:RetroMobile-2014_20Cleaning and polishing…:RetroMobile-2014_22

Photos and text: Copyright © 2014 Henk Holsheimer