Peter M. Larsen: Talbot-Lago Grand Sport

Peter M. Larsen: Talbot-Lago Grand Sport

TalbotLago0000If a Concours d’Elegance for books would exist, this book would be an all-class winner. Peter M. Larsen with Ben Erickson have gathered all available information about the less than 40 built Talbo Lago Grand Sports, and compiled it into two books with a total of 675 pages and an incredible 1400 images and illustrations.

The first volume is about the development and historical background of the more than beautiful vehicles, richly illustrated with photos, coachwork drawings and scans of related brochures and posters. Volume 2 is a highly detailed index about all 35 produced Grand Sports and a few related vehicles, each described by chassis number and coachwork with many photos and detailed description, including build sheet, information on restorations, ownership and competition.
Both volumes come in a slip case with a handle to carry, yes it’s that heavy!
All in all Larsen’s book is one to dream of, or in case of owning, to dream with and always discover something new. It is worth the money, and not many are produced, so it’s again one of those Dalton Watson masterpieces, highly recommendable and collectable!



TalbotLago08 TalbotLago06 TalbotLago05 TalbotLago04 TalbotLago03Talbot-Lago Grand Sport: The Car From Paris
by Peter M. Larsen & Ben Erickson
675 pages in 2 volumes, 1400+ b/w & color images and illustrations, hardcover, slipcase

Limited to 600 copies and 100 leatherbound

© Dalton Watson Fine Books, 2012

ISBN 13: 978-85443-247-6 (cloth)
ISBN 13: 978-85443-256-8 (leather)

Photos and text: Copyright © 2013 Henk Holsheimer